Beeswax candles: pair

  • Enjoy the sweet scent of natural beeswax

    Completely pure British beeswax with a lovely amber colour
    Fill your home with a subtle honey fragrance
    Handmade by people with learning disabilities, building independence
    L 25.4cm. Each candle will burn for around 9 hours.

    Light these handmade candles to fill your home with a warm glow and gentle scent. The beeswax dinner candles are made in pairs by patiently dipping the taper into melted beeswax many times to create an elegant shape. We use unrefined British beeswax so you can enjoy its natural colour and fragrance. By choosing these candles you can help people with learning disabilities gain new skills, independence and self esteem.

    Click the story tab to meet the makers behind this product.

  • Botton Village in the Yorkshire Dales is home to 130 adults with learning disabilities and special educational needs. It is a place where vulnerable people discover a new independence and everyone’s abilities make a valued contribution to village life, whether on the biodynamic farm or in one of the community workshops making cheese, jam, candles or glass.

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