• We've scoured the UK for the very finest dipped beeswax candles and finally selected these for their natural amber colour, delicate honey aroma and heartwarming story.


    Our beeswax dinner candles are handmade by a wonderful community for people with learning disabilities in Yorkshire. From autumn to spring the air in this picturesque corner of the Dales is filled with the scent of honey as the candle makers use traditional skills to build their independence and self-esteem.


    L 25.4cm (10") - sold as a pair
  • * Hand dipped natural beeswax


    * Supports a project working with vulnerable people


    * Burn time 9-10 hours


    * L 25.4cm (10")


    These natural beeswax candles are traditionally handmade by dipping the wicks many times to gradually build the elegant tapered shape. Each will burn evenly for 9-10 hours, filling your home with a subtle fragrance.

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