Buy Well, Choose Less – The Importance of a More Sustainable World

January 24, 2023

Buy Well, Choose Less – The Importance of a More Sustainable World

As consumers, we all have a part to play in making the world a more sustainable place. Whether you are looking to update your home décor or need to purchase gifts for loved ones, we can all make ethical decisions that reduce our impact on the world around us. We are passionate about encouraging our customers to buy well and buy less, and today we’re here to share our top tips to consider when buying home accessories and gifts in the future.

Buy Well, Buy Less – Consider Your Purchases Carefully

Impulse shopping is something that so many of us have done in the past, but we encourage you to think carefully about the purchases you make in the future. When you see something you like online or in a store, take a few days or a week to really consider if it’s something you need to add to your home or life. We offer a range of fair trade home accessories and home textiles, all of which can update your home décor. Take your time to think about what will really suit the rooms in your home so that you can add long-lasting decorations to your space.

Plan Out Your Home Décor for Each Room

Taking a random approach to decorating rarely ends up with good results, which is why we encourage you to think about planning out your room before purchasing any home accessories. You can take a pen and paper and sketch out the room so that you know exactly where you need to make additions to the space. You might find that you don’t need to add lot’s of  new furniture to a room once you’ve done this, as it may just clutter up your space. We offer a range of unique items that will brighten up any space. Think about the areas which could do with a little more colour and excitement and focus on adding home décor pieces there.

Support and Connect with Social Enterprises

We only source fair trade products which support social enterprises and talented artisans around the world. This is something we are incredibly passionate about, and there’s no reason that every homeowner can’t think about purchasing handmade items with a story behind them. You’ll find that your home becomes so much more interesting when you are more considerate about the items you are buying. Social enterprises are an amazing way for us to give back to the world around us, and they help those who are really disadvantaged in our world today. If you are in a fortunate enough position to be able to support other people, make sure you think about where you are spending your money this year.

Less is More

When it comes to decorating your home, we think the less is more approach is the best way to go. No matter what room in your home you think needs updating, don’t add too much decoration to it. It’s so easy for smaller rooms to become cluttered, making them less pleasurable to spend time in. Instead, just add a few key pieces that will brighten up the space. Minimalism has been a hot trend for the past few years, offering mental health benefits to any homeowner. The less we have, the more we appreciate all of our belongings, so it’s something we encourage everyone to consider.

Purchase from Companies in the UK

If you are based in the UK, try to make your online purchases from other companies here where you can. This will reduce shipping costs and your impact on the environment, which is another thing we should all consider when shopping in this day and age. It’s a much more sustainable way to shop, and you’ll get a sense of satisfaction supporting small family businesses in your home country.

Here at Decorator’s Notebook, we are excited to offer you a wide range of ethical homeware items and gifts, allowing you to buy well and buy less this year. We support social enterprises with our fair trade products, helping to give back to those who are less fortunate than us around the world. You’ll find many unique and ethical items on our site, all of which will brighten up your home or put a smile on the face of anyone you gift them to. Contact our team today with any questions you have about our products, or take a look through our website to see our full selection of products and gifts.


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