De-Cluttering Tips for February

February 20, 2023

De-Cluttering Tips for February

The first couple of months of the year are the perfect time to get ahead with the de-cluttering and organising of your home. Today we’re going to share our top tips for de-cluttering in February, as well as some of our favourite ways to make your home more ethical and sustainable thanks to the products on our site.


Tackle One Room at a Time

It can be so tempting to try and de-clutter everywhere over a short period of time, but this rarely ends up with the results you desire. When looking to make sustainable changes to your home, start with a smaller room, such as your bathroom or study. From there, you’ll gain momentum and can move on to larger spaces such as the kitchen.


Bathroom and Utility Room Storage

The bathroom and utility room might be two of the smaller spaces in your home, but they often need the most organisation. If you know you have a lot of products that are out of date, make sure you work to remove those or use them up in the order they need to be finished. From there, you can look at our hand-made and recycled storage products, such as laundry bags and cosmetic bags. These will help to keep all of your products well organised and where they are meant to be in the future.


Clear Out Kitchen Utensils You No Longer Use

In most homes, the kitchen is somewhere where we often dump items on the surface or in drawers. It’s time to take back control of your space and remove all of the utensils you no longer use. You can also do the same with spices and produce that you have no intention of using in your cooking so that you can see exactly what you have in the kitchen when preparing meals. We have some great storage containers and baskets that can help to organise your space, many of which are fair trade and more ethical than other alternatives on the market.


Create a Cosy Lounge

When de-cluttering the lounge, your number one aim should be to make it feel more cosy and welcoming. This is a room where you can enjoy endless hours with your family and friends, but only if it has a warm feel to it. Once you’ve removed a lot of the clutter from the space, think about adding hand-made photo frames, vintage cotton dog beds, and sustainable storage containers to the space. These will not only make your room more organised, but will add a stylish touch to the space.


Get ahead with your spring cleaning this year by starting your de-cluttering projects in February. We encourage you to always think about making sustainable changes to your home. If you do need to invest in new storage baskets, have a look at our range of fair trade and recycled products, which will help to keep your space more organised for years to come. We hope the products on our site will inspire you to make your home a more welcoming space for you and your loved ones.


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