Father's Day 2021: Meaningful Gift Ideas

June 04, 2021

Father's Day 2021: Meaningful Gift Ideas

Father's Day 2021: Meaningful Gift ideas.

With Father’s Day right on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about a meaningful gift for your dad.

Before we give you some great gift ideas, did you know that Father’s Day is a fairly new celebration with its origins in the early 20th century?

The very first Father’s Day took place in 1908 at a church in West Virginia where a special sermon was held to honour the role that fathers in the lives of the congregants.

The following year, a woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd decided that Father’s Day should be celebrated on an annual basis. After all, she stated, the world already had Mothering Sunday so why not have something similar for fathers?

Today, Father’s Day is celebrated throughout most of the world and gives us an opportunity to make our fathers feel special and to pay homage to those father figures who are no longer with us.

Instead of gifting your dad socks like you do every year, why not give him something a little different this Father’s Day? Below is a great selection of fair trade and handmade gifts for him that will be sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

Rustic Leather Photo Album.

Most people have an odd collection of both new and old photographs lying around that are begging for a home, and your dad is probably no exception.

Your father will love this masculine-looking, handmade leather photo album that will allow him to showcase all his favourite memories (including your embarrassing baby photos). These are also very popular as luxury sketchbooks.


Leather Travel Wallet.

For the man who likes to travel and is eagerly planning his next trip when Covid-19 restrictions allow, a travel wallet is just perfect.

Our handmade travel wallet allows your father to keep all those precious items saf when visiting interesting places and is a great way to remember special trips.

It is a beautiful keepsake item that can be kept for many generations to come and certainly makes a very meaningful gift for him.


Rustic Leather Journal.

Does your father have an artistic side? If so, why not give him this handmade journal for Father’s Day this year?

Whether your dad enjoys journalling, pencil sketching in the garden, doodling with ink or creating intricate watercolour pictures, this journal will go down very well and will provide endless hours of enjoyment.



Wire Animal Head for the Wall.

If your father is crazy about a certain kind of animal, why not gift him with a wire animal head to put on his wall?

Skilfully hand sculptured from wire these animal heads are simply striking, really impressive and is the perfect conversation starter for anyone visiting your father’s home!



Brass Bookmark.

Instead of allowing your father to continue using that tatty, old till receipt as a bookmark, give him this beautiful, handmade bookmark to use going forward.

As a fair trade item, this bookmark has been individually crafted and is a wonderfully unique piece to own.

Each time he opens his book, he will remember how amazing and special you are to him as a son or daughter.



Sustainable Mango Wood Pizza Boards.

Everyone loves a good pizza but when they are eaten at home, they can be tricky to serve.

Not only is it difficult to find the right size platter, but pizzas are also quite inconvenient to cut, especially when they are placed on a ceramic surface.

Our fair trade pizza boards are lovingly handmade and are the ideal shape and size on which to serve a pizza. The boards are supported with two bars of wood, giving them a raised platform, ideal for sharing foods! What’s more, they are made from sustainable wood and make cutting pizza an absolute breeze.



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