Great Ways To Decorate Your Easter Table

March 30, 2023

Great Ways To Decorate Your Easter Table

Spring is upon us and with Easter just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you’ll celebrate the season with your loved ones. Easter is a fantastic time to get your family and friends together for a special meal or family gathering. Today we’re going to share some of our top tips for decorating your Easter table in a sustainable and ethical manner.


Prepare for a Family Feast

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter is to prepare some of your favourite traditional Easter dishes for a family lunch or dinner. In order to help serve these large family-style meals, make sure you have enough serving dishes and tableware. Our site sells a range of sustainable or Fairtrade glassware, tableware, and serving dishes. They are ideal for a family meal this Easter, but you’ll also find you can use them over and over again in the future for weekly family meals and gatherings.


Don’t Forget the Kids

Whether you are going to create a separate table for the kids or have them sat together with you at the main table, make sure you create a fun corner for children this spring. We have some really adorable handmade felted animals which your children will adore, which are made in Nepal to help you decorate your Easter table. Kids will appreciate seeing that you’ve made an effort to make the springtime more fun for them.


Add Eggs and Flowers for Some Colour

Brighten up any spring or Easter table with plants, eggs, and flowers. These are a great way to add a splash of colour to your table, which you can place inside our lovely kantha vintage cotton baskets. These are the perfect example of how ethical homeware and gifts can still create effective displays on any Easter table, and you can reuse them throughout the year to create colourful displays to fit the season.


Easter Dessert Chocolate Board

While we often focus on the main course when preparing an Easter dinner, don’t forget dessert on this day as well. A chocolate Easter charcuterie board is a really fun addition to your Easter dinner spread. It means that everyone can just nibble on chocolates, cakes, and Easter biscuits while you enjoy tea or coffee at the end of the meal. You can even get your kids involved in making this dessert, as they’ll love coming up with fun patterns and designs to brighten up your table.


With Easter not far away, it’s time to start planning how you’ll celebrate this day with your loved ones. On our site, you’ll find a range of ethical homeware and gifts, many of which support individuals around the world who create stunning pieces of art and accessories to brighten up your home. We are passionate about offering Fairtrade and sustainable gifts and homeware items that you’ll enjoy using throughout the year to create bold displays that will impress your friends and family when they visit your home.


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