Having a Sustainably Styled Home

August 10, 2021

Having a Sustainably Styled Home

Here at Decorator’s Notebook, we believe that a sustainably styled home has countless benefits in terms of the environment, style and comfort.

Below are our top tips to creating a home that is not only aesthetically-pleasing, but also sustainable:

Look for Sustainably-Made Items.


Sustainable products are those that have been created without a negative or damaging impact on the environment.

During the sustainable manufacturing process, the carbon footprint is as low as possible, and the materials used are often recycled, biodegradable and natural.

To play your part in preserving our beautiful planet, it is a great idea to select sustainable decor items. These stylish items are made to last and have excellent longevity.

Unlike the current “fast fashion” trend, sustainably-made items do not have to be thrown away, reused or recycled after only a few uses.

Decorator’s Notebook sells a beautiful range of sustainably-made products from many countries including India, Kenya, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Peru and Morocco. Our wide range includes our popular recyclable cushion covers, pretty cocktail glasses, mango wood serving and chopping boards, decorative reclaimed wood bowls, jute bags, tableware and kitchenware.

Featuring exquisite colours, and bold patterns, these items are unlike what you would find in a high street homeware store. This means that your home’s interior will look unique, fresh, and with our own, individual style footprint.


You will also feel better about yourself knowing that you have not contributed to the destruction of our planet by decorating your home.

 Indigo Mug

Support Fair Trade Products.

When an item bears the “Fair Trade” label, it means that it has been made according to fair, equitable and humane work processes.

Companies that adhere to fair trade policies do not exploit their employees, do not employ children, and definitely do not have sweat shops.

 Coral Leather Slippers

Purchasing fair trade products also helps fund fair trade projects, which contribute to helping to provide training and secure employment for men and women (both able bodied and disabled). Fair trade products also celebrate traditional skills, and help to showcase unique creations from around the world.

 Choice of 4 Embroidered Cushions


Consider Decorating with Plants and Other Natural Items.

In addition to sustainably-sourced and fair trade products, you might want to consider decorating with plants, and other natural items, too.

Plants are biodegradable and are also an excellent way to purify the air inside your home.

Set of 3 Baskets


Many people also find that plants have a calming effect on the room’s interior and help to create a natural look.


Create your own Unique Interior Look with Handpicked Sustainable Decor.

Sustainable items made with natural materials can help you to create your own, personal decor style.

Many of these items can be mixed and matched for an interior look that is incredibly unique and creative.

Indigo Drop Bowl

Sustainable decor is perfect if you want products that are kind to the environment, and do not look generic or vanilla.


Select Sustainable and Fair Trade Items that are Both Functional and Beautiful.

When it comes to beautiful home interior design, the general rule is that each item should be either functional or beautiful (and preferably both).

Sustainable items can double up as decorations and storage facilities. For instance, you could use a decorative placemats and coasters on your dining room table to add an elegant touch to the room.

Jute Placemats

Our fairtrade cushions can be used in place or the normal plain or boring ones. Not only will they look bright and cheerful, but they will also provide comfort and support when sitting on your sofa.

Set of 3 Tribal Indian Cushions

Our wide selection of jute baskets in a style of your choice are wonderful to use if you need something pretty to store blankets, toys, or wood for the fireplace in your living room.

Utility Baskets

The key is to be open-minded and let your creative juices flow!


We invite you to browse the pages of Decorator’s Notebook to find something new and intriguing to weave into the unique canvas of your home. We love hearing from you, so please do get in touch and join us on social media to share your thoughts and inspirations.


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