Pandemic Pondering Results in New Ownership for Decorator's Notebook!

May 21, 2021

Pandemic Pondering Results in New Ownership for Decorator's Notebook!

A dream to do something both creative and altruistic

The decision to re-launch Decorator’s Notebook began during another long lockdown day in September 2020 sat in in a bright and sunny garden room with a damp golden retriever at our feet.


Darcy - Dirty Golden Retriever


Having always enjoyed shopping and finding special and one-of- a- kind finds, we had often secretly dreamt of doing something both creative and altruistic. Discovering new and beautiful pieces to share with others, but doing so with a strong desire to help others less fortunate, became more important to us during the pandemic. But two enjoyable and very busy private and public sector careers seemed to take over. Being forced to take time to ponder what was now important to us and how best to focus our future planning retirement phase, soon became our Pandemic Project!

When you know something is right for you

Flicking through the businesses for sale ads during the lockdown period, a collection of smiley faces of artisans from around the world made me immediately click upon the ad for Decorator’s Notebook. An ethical homeware and gift online store, with shared business ethics of striving to support and empower encouraged us to seek more information.

Previous award-winning entrepreneurs, Bethan and Joe John, had like us, been disillusioned with mass-produced items made in questionable conditions. They successfully created the Decorator's Notebook concept which we believe, is just as on point today as it was then. We knew immediately the next chapter for Decorator’s Notebook was for us, albeit with the challenges of doing everything virtually!


New Owners of Decorator's Notebook


Our Ethical Founding Principles

Fast forward to May 2021 (and still in lockdown) we are thrilled to re-launch Decorator’s Notebook an online shop where design, quality and ethics go together.

Our collections bring together the finest ethical homeware designs and gifts made by artisans around the globe, giving you the chance to shop with integrity and without compromise.

While retailers usually keep their suppliers secret, we come out and state where everything is sourced and made. Our website provides easy to navigate Product Pages and an interesting Artisans section where you can ‘meet the artisans who share their story. Rather than hiding our suppliers away, we put them front and centre.


Artisans Collection


We are a small family business harnessing beautiful designed pieces to help drive positive change. Our hand-crafted products enrich lives and empower makers and buyers alike.


Our invitation to you…



We would love you to join us on the next exciting chapter for Decorator’s Notebook to support Fair Trade, protect the environment and help preserve craft traditions.

Do please explore our new launch collections which include a wide range of ethical and sustainable pieces. We have stunning sari quilts from a social enterprise helping trafficked women in Bangladesh, baskets woven by a co-operative in Kenya and fair-trade wool cushions from rural India – and much much more! All lovingly handmade by talented artisans who get a fair deal.

Oh, and we want you to ENJOY FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £50

It sounds dramatic, but we really do believe that conscious ethical shopping can help change the world for the better. Our collections bring people thousands of miles apart together.

We love that and hope you do too.


Sharon & Shahriar

May 2021