Artisan Stories: Traditional Potters, Vietnam

Traditional Potters, Vietnam

Our elegant hand-painted ceramics are made by a traditional pottery in northern Vietnam. The studio is surrounded by paddy fields and the rural landscape is echoed in the ceramics. The hand-painted patterns are based on raindrops and the shape of the serving bowl is inspired by conical rice farmer's hats.

Vietnam is officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Before the Vietnam War the country was politically divided into two rival states. The war ended with a North Vietnamese victory in 1975 and unified under a communist government. Since establishing diplomatic relations with other nations in 2000, Vietnam's economic growth has been amongst the highest in the world.


Clay is a very fine-grained rock that occurs naturally in the earth. Depending on the metal oxides, minerals and organic matter in the soil where it's dug, clay can be various colours from white and dull grey to brown and deep orange-red. All Decorator's Notebook pottery is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

How is it made?

Our Vietnamese ceramics are sculpted by hand from pale stoneware clay. The methods used have been practised for hundreds of years and combine indigenous and Chinese influences. The elegant design is painted freehand in indigo or grey, then a transparent glaze is applied over the whole piece, allowing the natural beauty of the clay to shine through.

How your purchase improves lives

People living in rural areas of Vietnam frequently suffer economic disadvantage due to their isolated location. The pottery offers important career opportunities in an area where work is scarce. Your purchase also helps to ensure that the pottery tradition in the region continues to thrive.

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Image credits: Nkuku