Artisan Stories: Recycled Wool Weavers, India

Recycled Wool Weavers, India

Our recycled wool throws and cushion covers are a collaboration between a textile recycling project and a wool weaving mill near Delhi. It has achieved independent certification for its social accountability, safe working conditions, worker's rights and fair management practices.

Delhi is a city in the north of India with a population of around 25 million people. Historically, Delhi was a hub for trade and it remains famous for its shopping. Gleaming malls sit alongside bustling street markets and bazaars in a vibrant clash of old and new.

Recycled Wool

Donated clothing made from quality materials, but that is torn or damaged, is sent to India's textile recycling district. There are dedicated projects for each material and this one deals only in wool. The yarn is not dyed, the colour is the result of the meticulous sorting of the original fabric.

How is it made?

The woollen clothing washed, carefully sorted by colour, shredded into fibre and re-spun into fine yarn. The yarn is sold to a nearby woollen mill that turns the yarn into fabric. Our collection includes both woven and knitted textiles made into cushion covers and throws.

How your purchase improves lives

This project is independently audited annually by Social Accountability International to ensure worker's rights, safe workplace conditions and fair management practices are upheld. Recycled wool has a significant environmental benefit as it gives threadbare clothing a second lease of life and uses less energy than producing textiles from scratch.

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Image credits: Green Pioneer