Artisan Stories: Wood and Stone Craftsmen, India

Wood and Stone Craftsmen, India

Our marble and mango wood kitchenware and serving boards are made by a small artisan workshop in India. The employees are mostly men from the local area, who are masters in their craft.

India is the second-most populous country on earth. Despite recent investment in the telecommunications industries creating economic growth overall, financial inequality in India has actually got worse. 25% of the population live beneath the World Bank's poverty line of $1.25 US a day and India has the largest number of child labourers under the age of 14 in the world.

Mango Wood

Mango trees are initially grown for their fruit but, once they are no longer productive, they are cut down and can be used to make beautiful wood products. This not only gives new life to a waste material, it also allows mango farmers to plant new trees and provides them with a much-needed supplementary income.

How is it made?

Each piece is individually-crafted from natural materials using time-honoured techniques, bringing together traditional skills and contemporary design. The marble and mango wood elements are cut out and shaped separately by different master artisans who specialise in handling stone or wood. Finally, each item is sanded to a smooth finish.

How your purchase improves lives

Buying products made using traditional methods helps to secure the future of age-old craft skills. Hand-made products are labour-intensive compared to mechanised production, creating more employment opportunities for local people as the business grows.

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