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Wood Craftsmen, China

Our sustainable bamboo and recycled cedar pieces are made in small workshops in rural China. All the materials used are eco-friendly or reclaimed. The workshops provide employment for skilled artisans and have been independently certified for their commitment to fair labour practices and environmental standards.

Four and a half hours north of Shanghai are the workshops where our bamboo and cedar wood products are made. Bamboo grows readily on the mountain slopes and many plantations have been in the same family for generations.

Bamboo and Recycled Cedar

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some species growing at a rate of almost 4cm an hour. This makes it one of the most sustainable natural materials available.Cedar is a beautiful softwood with a rich red colour and aromatic fragrance. Our cedar products are made from reclaimed building timber, giving new life to discarded wood.

How is it made?

Cut bamboo stems are boiled so they can be pressed flat. The sheets are laminated to create a solid block and turned into shape on a lathe. The cedar boards are individually cut from planks of reclaimed wood. Finally, all pieces are sanded smooth. Scraps of wood left over from the workshop are used to fuel the bamboo boiler, so nothing is wasted.

How your purchase improves lives

As mass-production sweeps China, small workshops that uphold traditional hand-crafting methods are in danger of being lost. Our bamboo and cedar wood collection helps independent workshops continue to thrive and provide work for skilled artisans in rural areas. The raw bamboo is bought from local farmers keeping money within the local economy. The cedar is a recycled material that would otherwise go to waste.

"I am a Master Bamboo Cutter and my job is to cut the long culms into smaller pieces the team can work with. It is important to me that I can stay here in my community doing something I love" Nong

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Image credits: Bambu